There is perhaps no sport on planet earth that induces more anger, violence and testosterone (not necessarily in that order) than ice hockey – and we’re not even talking about what comes from those who bet on NFL. Sean Avery’s latest off-ice tirade has brewed up heated conversation about what is crossing the line, and has the league itching to throw the book at him, as well as many peeved sportsbook fans who rely on the Dallas Stars. But how fair would that be? Fans of the NHL seem to have a short memory when it comes to horrific on-ice incidents, especially when they involve loveable players. However, when an agitator like Avery makes a crass statement, the hockey world gets up in arms, and the NHL betting lines suffer for it.

Just to remind all of those calling for Avery’s head this week, here are five incidents that are significantly worse than ”sloppy seconds,” but were not punished accordingly.

5. Gary Suter on Paul Kariya

In a February 1 game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks, the fate of Team Canada at the Nagano Olympics may have been decided, much to the chagrin of sportsbooks everywhere. Blackhawks defenseman Gary Suter decided that he didn’t like Paul Kariya scoring goals, and delivered a vicious cross check asphalt nitro cheats to the sniper’s chops. Kariya went on to miss the Olympics, and a string of games in the years to come with concussion problems stemming from this incident. Suter? He received a whopping four game suspension.

4. Bobby Clarke on Valeri Kharlamov

The infamous two-hand slash. What’s odd about this incident is that Canadian hockey fans – and NHL betting sharps who had money on the game – remember this as a great dominations hack cheats maneuver. Clarke shattered the ankle of the Russian superstar in Game Six, putting him out for the series, and ending his reign of dominance over international hockey. Clarke received a two minute penalty, and a pat on the back.

3. Wayne Maki/”Terrible” Ted Green

Ted Green really got the Plaxico Burress-esque short end of the stick in this incident. Maki and Green engaged in a stick-swinging incident, and to make a long story short, Maki scored the knockout blow with a home run swing to the head. Medics had to save Green’s life; however, when he returned to the NHL, he received a 12-game suspension as well. Ouch!

2. Claude Lemieux on Kris Draper

In the 1996 Western Conference finals, Colorado Avalanche winger Claude Lemieux hammered Red Wings center Kris Draper from behind, causing major facial damage. Draper was forced to eat out of a straw for weeks following the hit while NHL betting mourned for Detroit’s temporary loss. boom beach cheats tool Contrarily, Lemieux received a two-game suspension, a $1000 fine, and participated (err…turtled) in one of the most enjoyable line brawls of all time. More importantly, however, Lemieux and the Red Wings defied NHL odds and went on to win the Stanley Cup. Go figure.

1. Dino Ciccarrelli on Luke Richardson

Always known as a bit of a hot-head, Minnesota North Stars winger Dino Ciccarelli cemented his legacy with an attack on rookie Toronto Maple Leafs blueliner Luke Richardson. Ciccarelli hammered Richardson over the head several times with his stick, naturally starting an enormous brawl. While NHL betting fans and media cried for his removal from the league, Dino was instead given a modest 10-game suspension and one day in jail.