Graphology At Residence-lesson 21- click more details Attract Somebody-h-n

?Homoerotic conflict: palms for a longer period powering again inside of 損rivate?nearby.
?Homoerotic inclination: higher heels upon gentleman, man issue.
?Homosexuality: eyes and lashes heavy.
?Homosexuality/sexual id conflict/effective attachment in the direction of or dependency on mum or dad of contrary intercourse: drawing contrary sexual intercourse initially.
?Hostility: jagged traces.
?Hostility towards females, expressed overtly: witches.
?Hysteric inclination: fading traces within just development of entire body.
?Hysterical/difficulty within just take care of of anger or of primitive drives/schizoid inclination: prolonged neck.

?Identity with dad or mum of exact sexual intercourse: more mature determine than make a difference.
?Immaturity/absence of impulse deal with/regression: omission of neck.
?Immaturity/masturbatory fixation: yo-yo.
?Impotence/virility desire: extensive nose.
?Impotency/involutional resistance toward sexual reduction/virility attempting: cane.
?Far better diagnosis for productive procedure of being overweight: chubby mak