If you are organizing a party on the disco theme or attending one, the sure way of ensuring you are the king or queen of the party, wear an ABBA costume. ABBA costumes are extravagant outfits worn by the members of the band were as famous in covet fashion hack cheats tool the 70s as they are today!

Agneta鎶?white dress with frills or Frida鎶?spangled mini-skirt from the first ABBA tour is sure to make heads turn. When it came to disco dressing at its best, no other band could outdo the ABBA costumes. The cat suits that the ABBA band members wore to tours were nothing but fabulous. Complete the look with a funky belt and a wig. A long blonde wig with fringes is ideal if you want the ABBA look. If blonde is not your look, how about Frida鎶?look with a roxy red wig for the ultimate style quotient at your party?

The men would look like today鎶?disco kings with the ABBA male shirts. The silver and blue patterned shirt with a matching belt for your trousers and you are Benny or Bjorn. Dress up in these ABBA costumes, don a wig that suits you and impress with 鎻噊 you want to be having the time of your life? Well, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!?All you guys out there can add the man鎶?ABBA wig and watch yourself being transformed into the life of the party.

Want to take it one step further? You could be adventurous and add an inflated guitar to your attire while you strum away famous ABBA songs throne rush cheats hack like the ?money, money, money鍗泃s so funny..!?ABBA costumes sare not just for Disco enthusiasts, anybody who loves the 70s, that era of melodious music and meaningful lyrics knows and loves the ABBA. Their beautiful music, happy couple image has been always well perceived, so if you want to be the happy couple out to have fun at a friend鎶?party or at a Halloween party, put on your best ABBA costume. However, for that satin ABBA look, you have to decide a good budget. ABBA costumes do not come cheap.

Buy a green, blue, fuchsia or silver shiny pantsuit highlighted with gold. Typical ABBA costumes come with long sleeved shirts and dresses featuring giant bells extending from the elbows; the collars are high and fold over. The bodice is adorned with lace on the front and is completed with a wide and large belt. The pants have three layered ruffles below the knee. An ABBA costume is an elaborate affair and probably that is why it is priced high. But what is a few extra dollars when they can make you the queen of the party?

You could even make your own ABBA costumes. It does not have to be white polyester, though white ruffles on shiny suits is always an ABBA or an Elvis. Buy a wig which would be definitely difficult to get right on your own. If you go through vintage shops, you are bound to find something easily, keeping in mind not all ABBA costumes need to be color coordinated. Loose flowy top or shirts for men over mini skirts subwaysurfershackss or bell bottoms will do for starters. Add colored bands for wide belts and matching appliqu闁? Big shoes or boots, a Swedish accent, melody in your voice and you are ready to hit the party!