According the study by Webtrends, half of the Twitter users say a brand has interacted with them successfully through social media, whereas 31% of Facebook users felt the same way. Hence we can state that to be successful in social media, plain presence is not enough as an idea and timing should also be incorporated to actitivies.

Wherein Facebook is a place, Twitter is situation or occasion. Therefore Twitter offers better potential for just on time brand encounter, because the user is in mood for receiving information. Facebook platform acts as a place, where the chance of interrupting the users is more casino online present as they focus on maintaining and developing their personal friendships.

In order to avoid the interruptive advertising and to reach people when they are willing for it, brand has to recognize and be well acquainted with places and situations of social media. Evenly important is to know how and with what content the current and future brand ambassadors should be approeached.

According the Webtrends study

•    85% of people under age of 35 welcome brands to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
•    50% would leave a social networking site if it became too commercial
•    39% of social media users complain there’s too much advertising on such sites
•    brands should find the balance between brand communication and bombarding

Brands are exepected to use social media to better understand customers, deliver better service and to involve users in product or service development.

The marketing manual is being re-written. The ways which worked last year in social media are expiring at fast pace. The amount of information is growing and getting cheaper. As the foot prints in social media are permantent, brands should pay attention and have resources to make right choices when planning social media initiatives. SIME recognized W.Steinmann can help your brand in these choices.

Mikko Kaijansinkko is W.Steinmann’s Strategy Director