You are faster, stronger and more skillful than the opponent in front of you. How come the overtaking can be so difficult? The easy way is just to take the follower’s seat, stay behind the leader and accept your placing in the race. Almost just as easy is to make a specious attempt to overtake, which at the end of the day costs you an even bigger gap to leader than before.

Leading takes courage. It requires the proper driving line at the right time, in order to pass the competition. Overtaking is usually done during two or three curves. Therefore you need to plan beforehand your next steps to be done, after getting side by side with your rival. Without this you lose the lead and the feeling of happyness which leading delivers.

How should we exit the curve the economy has brought us? First you need the plan how to exit the curve accelerating faster than competition. It’s also important to visualize the time and direction of next turn, because without it you might slip aside from the optimal line of drive.

Progressive marketing helps to overtake

Progressive marketing plans the overtaking in sequences. It doesn’t believe in one curve overtaking campaigns, during which you throw yourself into to curve eyes half closed and wish for the best, without thinking what’s up next. Progressive marketing plans the overtaking and next steps to achieve sustainable lead.

The most important is to find the right time for overtaking and to decide to execute the overtaking plan to gain momentum. Without determination and will, we don’t gain the leader position. Overtaking is done in curves. Plan your exit.

Mikko Kaijansinkko is the strategy director of W.Steinmann, and drives Formula Kart in Team Mountain Dew in Fossiili Series of Helsinki