Let’s switch off the electricity from the whole country. Let’s also hit off the water and see how our needs and desires change. If something is taken away from us, we have urging need to fill the empty spot, like in previous case with electiricity and water – or replacement for them.

Same applies to our feelings and emotions. We tend to compensate the missing both on consious and unconsious levels. How many times have you purchased comfort or mental uplift from soft drink bottle? Quite a few I would say.

You can’t create desire, but you can push the trigger to release it and you can emphasize its meaning. You can’t either thoroughly fulfill the desire, as we all have tendency to crave for more. Desire increases desire.

Behind the desire is a deep consumer need, which is our driver for action and which makes us want to change our status quo on emotional level. They say 90% of our desicion making is taking place on subconsious level. This is why the understanding of deep consumer motives is so critical in modern marketing.

What did you want when you were shopping in a toy store last time? Did you buy a toy or did you buy an opportunity to play?

Mikko Kaijansinkko is the Strategy Director of W.Steinmann

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